New SwiftCharts Features Announced in iOS 17

In last year's WWDC, Apple announced the SwiftCharts SDK, which allows developers to easily visualize charts. However, there were some limitations such as a lack of interactivity, pie/donut charts, and the inability to scroll the chart, etc.
These limitations have been addressed in this year's WWDC. With the release of iOS 17, developers can now add interactivity to their charts, as well as pie/donut charts and scrollable charts.
The new SwiftChart APIs provide developers with more flexibility when creating charts. With the addition of interactivity, users can now interact with the charts and get a more informative view of the data. Pie/donut charts provide a more engaging way to display data sets, while scrollable charts allow users to quickly navigate through large data sets.
To give you an idea, I have attached a GIF. Check it out!
notion image
To demonstrate these new features, I've created a video that shows how to use the new SwiftChart APIs. Check it out!
Video preview

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