Adding Interaction to SwiftUI Widgets with Button Intent Action

In the latest release of iOS 17, Apple announced a new way to interact with widgets. Previously, widgets were static and could not be interacted with, but with the help of AppIntents, we can now add interaction to our SwiftUI widgets. With the new Button Intent Action available from iOS 17+, we can now add buttons to our widgets that trigger AppIntents.
Adding a button to our widget is easy. We simply need to create a new Button and pass in our AppIntent as the action. When the user taps the button, the AppIntent will be triggered, and the action will be performed within our app.
With the new ability to add interactivity to our SwiftUI widgets, we can create more dynamic and engaging user experiences.
To give you an idea, I have attached a GIF showing how interactive widgets work. Check it out!
notion image
Check out the video linked below to see how you can add interactivity to your SwiftUI widgets using Button Intent Action.
Video preview

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