Keyframes in SwiftUI - iOS 17 - WWDC 2023

Have you heard about the new Keyframes API for SwiftUI that was announced at WWDC 2023? It's an exciting new feature that allows for more advanced and dynamic animations in iOS 17.
With the Keyframes API, you can create complex animations with multiple keyframes, each with their own set of properties. This means you can have different parts of your animation moving at different speeds or in different directions, creating a more dynamic and engaging user experience.
To give you an idea of the possibilities, check out this cool animation created using Keyframes in SwiftUI:
notion image
To learn more about how to use keyframes in SwiftUI, check out the YouTube video.
Video preview
The new Keyframes API is a valuable addition to SwiftUI that enables developers to create engaging and dynamic animations in iOS 17. Check it out and start experimenting today!

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