A Look at the New MapKit APIs in SwiftUI for iOS 17

At WWDC 2023, Apple announced the release of new APIs for MapKit in SwiftUI. These APIs provide enhanced capabilities for integrating maps into SwiftUI apps and offer new features for developers to work with.
One of the key features introduced is the ability to add keyframe interactions with the map, which allows developers to zoom in and out of maps, rotate them, and more.
Another exciting addition is the ability to add custom annotations to maps. This gives developers greater control over the appearance and behavior of annotations.
Additionally, the new MapKit APIs offer a new way to add polylines, Live LookAroundView, etc. to the map, which was not possible natively with SwiftUI.
Overall, the new MapKit APIs for SwiftUI are a welcome addition for developers looking to create engaging and interactive map experiences in their apps.
To see what we can achieve with the new MapKit updates, check out this gif.
notion image
For more information about the SwiftUI implementation, check out the YouTube video below.
Video preview

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